5 ways to reduce bloating

Bloating can be both embarrassing and painful. It is usually caused by diet creating a buildup of excessive solid, liquid or gas.

Here are five tips we hope will provide you with some relief

This is a question we get asked frequently but each person’s digestion is individual.

However there are some suggestions that can be used for most people to keep the gut healthy.


Doctors often recommend peppermint for patients after surgery to help relieve the post-operative gas pains. Peppermint is delicious and can be enjoyed as a tea with no disruption to your daily life and the added benefit of fresh breathe!

If you aren’t a fan of Peppermint it is also widely available as a supplement which will offer. the same benefits


The menthol in the tea helps soothe the intestines and relieve bloating.


Eat slowly

Why does the speed we eat matter?

Eating quickly increases the amount of air we swallow with each mouthful and can lead to bloating.

Slowing down and taking your time eating can reduce the chances of bloating and you may notice you are fuller and therefore eat less and potentially lose weight!


Any kind of mild exercise after a big meal will encourage your digestion to move along and expel any gas that may cause bloating.

It may be the last thing you feel like doing when your stomach is feeling full and tight but the cardio will relieve this feeling.


Avoid chewing gum

How can this cause bloating?

Much like eating quickly, chewing gum increases the intake of air, which can lead to a bloated stomach.

Your body thinks food is coming due to the chewing and starts producing enzymes ready to digest the food. Because we don’t swallow gum the body is then left with these enzymes and no food to process.


A warm bath can help relieve a bloated tummy. A warm bath with Epsom salts is even better.

The salts encourage excess water and toxins to be drawn out of the skin and the heat of the bath should soothe any abdominal pain




These foods aren’t the answer to some more serious gastric problems but they can certainly provide relief from some of the symptoms.

Here at GI Doctors, we specialise in diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions, many of which can be treated successfully following early diagnosis.

If you have any concerns about digestive disorders get in touch and we will help you get out of pain.

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