Coping with a diagnosis of bowel cancer

Cancer is a scary word for all of us. If you have recently received a diagnosis of bowel cancer remember you are not alone. We have prepared some strategies to help you cope and focus on the most important job at hand – recovering.


1) Arm yourself with information

A diagnosis of cancer is understandably frightening and you might be feeling incredibly shaken. However, knowing the facts can help you to feel armed. We would always avoid visiting DR Google but there are many websites such as Cancer Research or Bowel Cancer UK who will offer a plethora of useful support and guidance. It also might comfort you to know bowel cancer is one of the most treatable cancers.


2)Talk to family and friends

Following a cancer diagnosis the last thing on your mind might be socialising but this is the time you will need your family and friends around you. Speak to your loved ones about your fears and worries.


3) Consider a support group or counselling

With a diagnosis you might be feeling very shaken and want to talk to others about this. Whilst family and friends support is invaluable it can be incredibly helpful to join a support group or look at professional counselling. It’s very common to feel depressed and taking time to focus on your mental health can only be a positive thing


4) Think about the practicalities

It can help to ease your worries if you feel like the practicalities of life are taken care of. If you need to take some time off work speak to your HR about what you need and how you can be accommodated. If you have young children and are feeling ill it might help to look into who could help look after them


5) Stay positive

We know this might seem impossible but bowel cancer is highly treatable and your doctors will ensure you get the best possible care.


6) Speak to your doctor about any worries

Never feel anxious about asking your doctor questions. They are here to help you with every aspect of your care and treatment. Discuss your worries and ask them any questions you might have. Your doctor will want to help you both physically and mentally