Bowel Cancer and worries about Covid-19


Coronavirus is causing anxiety all over the world and we appreciate it’s a worrying time. Some of our patients who have bowel cancer or are receiving treatment or in remission have been asking questions so we thought it would be helpful to provide some basic information. For up to date recommendations and guidelines always check the NHS website as guidelines are changing rapidly.


What is the advice for cancer patients regarding Coronavirus?

At the moment the government advice is to be vigilant in observing social distancing. This means:

  • Working from home and minimising exposure to public transport
  • Avoiding large gatherings
  • Avoid unnecessary social interactions, this could be restaurants or even having friends over.
  • Use online and virtual services where possible. GI doctors is offering virtual consultations. Remote technology can be a lifeline in these situations
  • Look after your mental health. Isolation doesn’t mean being constantly alone. Ensure you make time to speak to friends and family, arrange video calls and take light exercise just ensuring you stay at least 2 meters apart.
  • Avoid contact with anyone who has visited a high-risk country or who is coughing.

Higher risk patients

Anyone who is immune compromised (i.e. is currently receiving chemotherapy, radiation treatment, with heart disease etc. will be classed as higher risk


If you fall into this category the NHS will contact you and advise more stringent methods of social distancing in order to shield you from the virus.. For now, you should rigorously follow the social distancing advice in full.



We know these are unsettling times but try to follow the guidelines to keep yourself and your loves ones safe. Our heart goes out to anyone affected by this and we are only a phone call away.