Reducing your risk of coronavirus


We understand those suffering from GI conditions might be concerned about coronavirus. The reality is there is no 100% way to avoid catching this virus but we can all practice some basic defence measures to reduce our risk of catching nasty seasonal bugs and germs.


Hand washing

Washing your hands carefully could reduce the spread of many coughs and colds we experience. There are several guides online to show effective ways of removing germs and bacteria such as this one.

Thorough and regular hand washing with soap and warm water will kill most bacteria’s and viruses. After touching public surfaces such as on London Underground, we would recommend washing your hands. Likewise before eating where you will be directly placing food into your mouth always ensure you thoroughly wash your hands.


Anti-Bacterial gel

There are occasions when there is not the opportunity to wash your hands. In these cases carrying some anti bacterial gel is a good solution until you can reach somewhere to properly wash. Be mindful this is less effective than simply washing your hands and the alcohol content should be 60% to be effective at killing nasty bacterias.



Keep a distance

This isn’t usually a problem for most Londoners but maintaining your personal space will reduce your risk of picking up a bug or virus.

Ideally keep at least 3 feet between yourself and any other person who seems unwell. This is because fluids from coughing and sneezing may contain the infection. This will not always be possible but can be an extra preventative measure. if you have been in close proximity with someone who looked unwell don’t panic. It is far more likely they have a cold than Coronavirus.

man sneezing

Avoid rubbing or touching eyes, nose and mouth

Your hands contact numerous surfaces and infections can survive for a few hours. If you have touched a contaminated surface touching your eyes, nose or mo makes it easy for a virus or infection to can enter your body


Respiratory cleanliness

Germs can be contained with some simple tips and tricks. When you sneeze always catch it a tissue or your elbow and bin the tissue immediately. Then as soon as possible wash your hands. Minimizing droplets in the air minimizes the risk of passing germs on


If you have a lowered immune system or are in an at risk group try not to be overly anxious. At present the chances of catching this virus are still low and the UK has measures in place for containing a pandemic. If you feel at all unwell and have been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus remember to call 111 and ask for advice.