Will IBS Ruin My Relationship?

It’s a question we are often asked as gastrointestinal specialists. It is understandable that people with IBS can feel anxious about its potential impact on their relationship – it can be a bit of a passion killer if your stomach is bloated and you are affected by bouts of recurrent diarrhoea or constipation… or both.

Pancreatic Cancer – Who Is Most At Risk?

Pancreatic Cancer is rarely detected in its early stages as symptoms of the disease often do not occur until it is more advanced. For this reason, the disease often spreads to surrounding organs. World Pancreatic Cancer Day (15 November) aims to increase people’s awareness of pancreatic cancer symptoms and to highlight the importance of regular…

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Calming Your Nervous Tummy

Some people call it a “nervous stomach”, some call it irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)… But, whatever you call it, the symptoms can be debilitating and long-lasting. Stress, anxiety and tension can all take their toll on your digestive system, resulting in a range of unpleasant physical symptoms.