10 Ways to Tell if you Have a Hernia

A hernia develops when an internal organ pushes through a weakened area in the muscle or tissue that is meant to hold it in place. As June is Hernia Awareness Month, we have listed 10 ways to spot if you have a hernia, so you can seek medical advice.

Surviving Colon Cancer: The Facts

Any cancer diagnosis can come as a shock, but thankfully, for many people, the disease is no longer a death sentence. Bowel cancer survival rates in the UK have more than doubled in the last 40 years – up from 45% to 75% in adults overall. If you are diagnosed with bowel cancer this year, you…

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Keeping a symptom diary for IBS 

If you’re suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, certain foods are likely to trigger your symptoms. Some foods are well known as possible triggers for IBS but others will be unique to you. Your symptoms may also get triggered when you are particularly stressed or when you experience certain emotions. They may improve after exercise or…

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Bowel cancer screening saves lives

Many of us tend to take our health and wellbeing for granted until we become unwell. So, when we receive an invitation to participate in bowel cancer screening the temptation is to ignore it. It’s vital that you don’t though. It is also worth considering testing before the routine screening age, particularly if you are…

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