Endoscopies: A Patients’ Guide

An endoscopy is a surgical procedure whereby a long, thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is inserted into your body in order to investigate unusual symptoms or carry out certain types of surgery. Find out about different endoscopies used in gastroenterology in our short Patients Guide.

Living with a Colostomy

7 October is Colostomy Awareness Day. To mark this we are looking at what it means to live with a colostomy and what support is available. Finding out you need to have a colostomy can be a daunting prospect. You are bound to experience fears and concerns. But the procedure is surprisingly common and you might…

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TLC for a Happy Healthy Tummy

If your digestive system is not functioning to the best of it’s ability, it can leave you feeling quite unwell, bloated, in pain, and low on energy. It may even be affecting your social life if symptoms are preventing you from meeting up with friends or attending family functions. How can you change simple lifestyle…

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The Link Between Migraine and IBS

Migraines can be debilitating. Stress is often indicated as one of the primary contributing factors but what is less well-known is the link between migraine and diet. As this week is Migraine Awareness Week (3rd to 9th September 2017) we cover about the links between migraine and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Types of hernias

Hernias occur when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in a muscle or tissue, usually causing a lump in the skin. They are fairly common and most cause no pain and many can be left untreated. However, there are certain types of hernia that can become life threatening It is therefore…

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