5 Stress Busting Tips


Many people report having an upset stomach or loss of appetite   when really worried or stressed.

Our mental health can hugely affect the body and stress is one of the main culprits.

It can lead to more serious conditions such as ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome, IBS.

We’ve put together five tips to reducing stress as a happy you equals a happy tummy!

Tip 1  – Exercise

Exercise is known to release endorphins which make us feel good and the medical profession agree it is a great stress buster.

Getting outdoors in nature is also brilliant for putting our stress in perspective and calming the mind. If you can combine exercise and the great outdoors then you are onto a winning combination.



Tip 2  – Talk about it


You know the saying “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

These old sayings stick around for a reason, they’re usually right! Try and talk out what’s bothering you if you’re feeling overwhelmed. See if a friend or colleague can help you with the never-ending to do list. If you don’t feel you have anyone you can talk to then there are anonymous helplines such as The Samaritans. Never feel like no-one will listen to you. Keep talking.



Tip 3  – Remember to take deep breaths

Sounds like an obvious one right but we are all guilty of not breathing properly, particularly in times of pressure and stress.

Deep breathing lowers stress in the body by increasing oxygen and calming the nervous system. There are many exercises you can try on the internet or even apps for your phone.




Tip 4  – Make time for ‘me’


Often the feeling of  being overwhelmed, which then triggers stress and anxiety, is due to not making time for yourself.

We all lead such busy lives nowadays but everyone needs downtime and you can’t run on empty. Self care shouldn’t be an afterthought but for many of us it is.

This can look different for each individual but try having some alone time, a long soak in a hot bath, a massage.

Don’t feel guilty, you will be much more use to everyone else if you have recharged.

Tip 5  – Sleep


Our sleep patterns are often disrupted by stress. Either we sleep too much and have no energy to function or our fight or flight instincts kick in and sleep evades us due to anxious thoughts disturbing sleep.

A lack of sleep makes emotions harder to control. Even if you can’t sleep at night a nap may be all you need to reset your nervous system. Try it!

can combine exercise and the great outdoors then you are onto a winning combination.




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