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Everyone will experience a stomach upset at times. Diarrhoea is common in adults and children and should resolve itself within a few days. Diarrhoea means you will have watery bowel movements usually many times over a 24 hour period. loose or watery stools (faeces), usually at least three times in 24 hours. A stomach ache and uncomfortable cramps will usually accompany diarrhoea. 

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Consultation with a specialist and diagnosis is the first step to feeling better.

    Frequent Diarrhoea

    Diarrhoea may occur occasionally, caused by an infection, inflammation or as a bad reaction to something you ate. If you experience diarrhoea for more than a week though, or your stools are frequently loose then this could be the sign of an underlying health issue. Diarrhoea can be the result of many gastroenterological conditions, including Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bowel cancer, so it is essential to get the correct diagnosis from a specialist.

    What to Expect from a Consultation with GI Doctors
    • A caring and confidential consultation with plenty of time to discuss your symptoms and concerns
    • Honest diagnosis and a promise to keep you informed about any matter relating to your health
    • Involvement in your treatment options
    • Explanation of any medical terminology
    • A detailed run-through of any tests required
    • Personal care and attention

    Whether your gastrointestinal symptoms started recently or are long-standing, our specialists can help diagnose and manage your condition.

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