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Everyone will vomit sometimes. Vomiting can be the result of eating something that doesn’t agree with you or a stomach bug, occasional vomiting due to sickness is nothing to be concerned about.

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Consultation with a specialist and diagnosis is the first step to feeling better.

    Frequent Vomiting
    Vomiting that is not due to a sickness bug might need more investigation. For example, if you have been vomiting frequently for more than 5 days we would recommend getting looked at. Someone who is vomiting frequently and losing weight is likely to be suffering from another disorder. We will need to find out the underlying cause of the vomiting so we can assess the best course of treatment. A consultation with a gastroenterologist will help diagnose the cause of your symptoms and enable you to explore suitable treatment options.
    What to Expect from a Consultation With GI Doctors
    • A caring and confidential consultation with plenty of time to discuss your symptoms and concerns
    • Honest diagnosis and a promise to keep you informed about any matter relating to your health
    • Involvement in your treatment options
    • Explanation of any medical terminology
    • A detailed run-through of any tests required
    • Personal care and attention

    Whether your gastrointestinal symptoms started recently or are long-standing, our specialists can help diagnose and manage your condition.

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