Our Consultation Process

Our Consultation Process


Make an appointment with one of our specialist doctors as the first step to finding out about what could be causing your symptoms.



Your doctor will spend time talking to you about your symptoms. They will also use up-to-date medical technology to test for various conditions, based on their expertise.



All tests will be discussed with you in advance so you are fully aware of what to expect. Many test results are possible immediately, or on the same day. Others may take a few days, but timeframes will be provided.



If you require treatment, then your doctor will discuss your options and help you to decide which choice is best for you. They can also discuss aftercare and living with any condition, including where to find support and further guidance.

Your health is our goal

Whether your gastrointestinal symptoms started recently or are long-standing, our specialists can help diagnose and manage your condition. Please contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our specialist team. A consultation with a specialist to discuss the necessary diagnostic tests is the first step.