Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance

Insurance Patients

GI Doctors are recognised and accepted by all major insurers. Using your health insurance to cover the costs of your consultation and treatment is easy. Just follow the steps below.


Contact your health insurer

Coverage of treatment does differ across insurance providers. Therefore, if you are paying for your treatment with private medical insurance, it is essential that you check the terms and conditions of your policy with your insurer to check you are sufficiently covered.

It is essential that you do this before you have a consultation, investigation, any diagnostic imaging or treatment.

The insurance company will confirm your cover and advise you how to make a claim. They will also confirm if there is any excess for you to pay.

Insurance Contacts

BUPA www.bupa.co.uk/members 0845 609 0111
AXA PPP www.axappphealthcare.co.uk 0800 454080
Vitality www.vitality.co.uk 0345 6023523
The Exeter www.the-exeter.com/health-insurance.html 0300 1233253
CIGNA www.cigna.co.uk 0845 722 4462
WPA www.wpa.org.uk 0845 1223 100
Simply Health www.bcwa.co.uk 0800 294 7302
Aviva (Norwich Union) www.aviva.co.uk 0800 158 3333
Standard Life Healthcare www.standardlifehealthcare.co.uk 0845 279 8877


Visit your GP for a referral, or book an appointment

The next step is to visit your GP and ask for a referral. At the time, ensure to tell them you have private medical insurance and you want to be referred to GI Doctors. Click here for GP Referral.

If you are not registered with a GP, we have a solution as we can provide you with a list of private GP’s who work closely with the GI Doctors and are available 7 days a week.

For more information or for help in making an appointment with a private GP please call our team on 0203 9076579 or e-mail us at enquiries@gidoctors.co.uk


Initial consultation

During your initial consultation your doctor will advice you of their recommended treatment following their diagnosis.

It will then be necessary for you to call your insurance company back to authorise payment for your ongoing treatment. They will provide an authorisation code to accompany your case file.



To make your life easier, we request our invoices are paid direct by your insurance company. If on occasion, your specialist sends you the invoice, you simply need to forward this to your insurer for payment.

For any questions, please contact our helpful team

Self-Funding Patients

It is not essential to be insured to have treatment with GI Doctors – many of our patients choose to pay for their own consultation and treatments. Here is a schedule of our standard fees for private patients and we accept most major payment methods.

New Consultation £250 – £300
Follow Up Consultation £180 – £210
Second opinion £350 – £400

For more details on paying for your treatment please contact out team.

T: 0207 8715388
F: 01245 200699
E: enquiries@gidoctors.co.uk

Your health is our goal

Whether your gastrointestinal symptoms started recently or are long-standing, our specialists can help diagnose and manage your condition. Please contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our specialist team. A consultation with a specialist to discuss the necessary diagnostic tests is the first step.